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The Early Birds Foundation aims to preserve the heritage of ‘Early Birds’ by carefully restoring and rebuilding aircraft and engines. One of the most iconic fighter planes of World War II is of course the P-51 Mustang like 'Trusty Rusty'.

And we challenge YOU to get involved!

For a minimum amount of € 50,- you too can become a contributor to this high-class lady! Furthermore, this will give you the following benefits:

  • A full colour Trusty Rusty badge.
  • An exlusive tour through the flying museum of the Early Birds for two persons.
  • A visit to Trusty Rusty:
    • get really close and hear about the full history of the restauration of this impressive warbird.
    • you'll even get the chance to take a seat in the cockpit - Imagine you are the pilot, let yourself be taken to the skies by the mighty 1650 hp Rolls Royce Packard Merlin engine, experience the aerobatics, the rolls, wingovers and high speed cloud chasing.

 Fly a P-51!

Have you ever dreamt of flying one of the most iconic fighter planes of World War II? Now you can make your dream come true!

There are not many P-51 Mustangs around in Europe with dual control. You as a contributor will have the chance to have a ride in the backseat of Trusty Rusty, and if you dare, fly her yourself!

  • We welcome you at the Early Birds Flying Museum with coffee or tea.
  • We start the briefing. You'll be informed about the weather, the route, safety procedures, etc.
  • Then we change into flightgear (flightsuit, parachute and helmet) and you'll join the pilot for the pre-flight inspection. We'll buckle up, start the cameras and the mighty 1650hp Rolls Royce Packard Merlin, and taxi to the runway. Canopy closed for the ground run, line up on the runway, throttle forward and  you……… will get an experience you will never forget!
  • After the flight you'll get a video of your flight and - as member of  “I did Trusty Rusty” - an exclusive polo-shirt to show you really have experienced the Ultimate thrill of flying!

The Sky is the Limit

For information about other options such as sponsoring , please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

Trusty Rusty is available for:

  • a flyby
  • air shows
  • a stunning photo shoot
  • aerial photo and film work
  • instruction flights

Every donation helps to keep Trusty Rusty in the air!

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